5 Reasons Why Staging Works:

1.  It Gives Buyers a Blank Canvas:

At its most basic, staging your home makes it more presentable. While it certainly seeks to do more, doing things like painting in a neutral colour, taking down personal items, and generally de-cluttering is a great start. This “blank canvas” in effect forms the foundation of everything home staging does because potential buyers will see your home for its potential – and not its history.

2.  It Transforms Your Home:

Home staging, at its heart, can transform a home into any given buyer’s dream property. No matter the market, your home needs to stand out, and focusing on key elements of design – think pieces of furniture, layouts, and small accents that “feel like home” – can make spaces feel more functional and ready-to-buy.

3.  It Highlights your Homes Value:

When people tour just about any home, they are there because they want to envision it as their own. Staging helps create that opportunity while showcasing a home as being looked after and cared for by the previous owners. 

4.  It Leads to a Quicker Sale:

Staged homes are less likely to encounter price reductions, and encourage more competition amongst potential buyers. Not only does your home look better, but it’s put in a better position to sell – and fast.

5.  It Appeals to Buyers of All Kinds:

When you use high-end, stylish pieces, as well as a selective design that highlights the best aspects of a home, staging can turn your listing into the dream home for a wide range of buyers. It’s this magic that makes a staged home incredibly personal to a buyer, without feeling too personal and like someone else’s space.


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