The Anderson Bruni Real Estate Team believes that Professional Home Staging is essential in the presentation of your biggest asset...Your Home!

We Include Professional Home Staging For every of our home Sellers to maximize value for you.

5 Reasons to consider staging before you sell:

1 Appeal to  Buyer's Emotions

83 % of interested buyers say it's easier to visualize a staged home, 38 % of people are more willing to walk through a staged home they've seen online. 

2. Sell Faster

25% of homes greatly decreased their time on the market once the home was staged. Helping potential buyers to visualize a better living space will sell a home more quickly.

3. More Money:

39% of staged homes increased in dollar value between 1% to 10%. That's the difference between a $500,000 home selling for $5,000 to $50,000 more. 

4. Even a Little Makes a Big Difference:

You don't need to stage your entire home! What 4 areas do buyers believe are the most important places in a home to be staged? The Living Room, Master Bedroom, Kitchen and Dining Room. Let's start here and work our way through your home.

5. Make it Easy for Buyers

35% of buyers think that home buying process is going to be difficult, so why not help them out? Staging makes your home easy to visualize living in it and can allow them to picture it as their home. 

The AB Team features our very own exclusive Professional Home Stager with our very own inventory of furniture, artwork and accessories for our clients. Our Home Staging has no time limits and we can accommodate all properties whether lived-in or vacant. Contact us for any additional information.


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