TIPS for FSBO Sellers

Monday Apr 12th, 2021


Deciding whether you should forgo a real estate agent and list as an #FSBO? Here are some of the facts you should be aware of before committing to being an FBSO seller:


  1. Skipping out on commission is a myth when you’re an FSBO seller — most still end up paying about 3% to the agent who brought in the buyer.


  1. FSBO listings, on average, don’t receive as many offers as those that use a real estate agent. In fact, sales that involve a real estate agent are at an all-time high right now.


  1. 49% of FSBO sellers say they didn’t use an agent to save money.


  1. FSBO sellers reported that pricing their home correctly, completing the necessary paperwork, and selling their home within an appropriate time frame were the 3 most difficult and time-consuming tasks.


Have you ever listed as FSBO or know someone who has? Let us know about your experience in the comments!



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